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What Is Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance?

Whilst many unfortunate events are out of our control, having the right preparation in place – such as a comprehensive insurance policy – can help to minimise the disruption. If you’re a cafe or coffee shop owner, events such as theft, stock spoilage or a power outage can leave you with an expensive bill and plenty of disruption. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right Cafe and Coffee Shop Insurance policy, The Insurance Octopus can provide protection and cover the costs of equipment, personal accidents, solicitors fees, stock, fittings and so much more.

Using the expertise and the decades of experience that our award-winning team has, we can provide a bespoke policy and the right level of cover for you. We’ll discuss factors such as seasonal increases and legal protection, outlining the available insurance packages to find the right cover for your business. To get a quote, just fill out the form, request a callback and we’ll be in touch to discuss our products and your options.

What could my Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance cover?

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Public Liability Insurance

When a customer walks through your doors, you then have a responsibility for them. Public Liability Insurance will keep you covered in the event that you’re subject to claims of damage of personal belongings, accidental injury and the cost of medical treatment. Our standard levels of cover are available from £1m to £5m whilst additional levels of cover may be available upon request.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Product Liability Insurance

To protect your business and your reputation, Product Liability Insurance is crucial. In the event that a customer experiences the consequences of contamination, such as food poisoning, and other types of damage, you may be liable. Our insurance will keep you covered for any compensation or medical fees that you find yourself liable for.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Employers’ Liability

Your staff are key to the success of your business, so it probably comes as no surprise that you need adequate protection in place for them too. It’s a legal insurance requirement for you to have £5 million cover to compensate your staff if they suffer in any way whilst working for you, whether that’s with physical injuries or mental health issues. Our Employers’ Liability for cafe and coffee shop employers comes with £10m-worth of cover.

Understanding insurance for cafes and coffee shops

Your business, protected with one simple policy

There’s nothing like a cup of your favourite hot beverage in the morning, unless of course – it’s accompanied by your favourite piece of cake.

Whether it’s a cafe latte and a slice of chocolate cake, a cappuccino and a danish pastry or a flavoured tea and a shortbread, everyone has their little pick me up that keeps them going throughout the day, so it must feel really great to be the business that gives it to your customers, and disheartening when you can’t.

Whether you’re dealing with a power outage that has led to stock spoilage, malicious damage and theft that has left your cafe unsafe to trade, or a product liability case due to contamination, one thing is certain – you’ll be faced with a hefty bill. Unless, of course, you have the right Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance policy in place. At The Insurance Octopus, our comprehensive and tailored business insurance policies are designed to be flexible, giving you the opportunity to create a bespoke Cafe and Coffee Shop Insurance package ensuring that all of the essential cover you’ll need is in one, simple business insurance policy.

With over 50 years’ experience between our award-winning team, highly-regarded qualifications and testimonials that highlight our exceptional service, you can trust The Insurance Octopus to support you right from the start. Discussing everything from seasonal increases, business legal protection and stock and contents cover through to premises insurance, personal accident insurance and cafe public liability insurance, product liability and employers’ liability, we’ll guide you through our available options, and provide you with a range of coffee shop insurance quotes and cafe insurance quotes that are most suitable for your business. Our claims process is simple too, ensuring minimal stress and optimal gain. With The Insurance Octopus you always have a supportive insurance partner by your side, and one that can make a difference to your business.

If you’re in need of a Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance policy that takes your requirements into account, and provides savings and discounts that you’ll love, then please get in touch with our team today on 0161 968 2060.

Cafe & Coffee Shop Hazards – What You Need To Know

We know it can be a lot of fun being a coffee shop owner or cafe manager. Whether you’re serving your regulars their favourite piece of cake and mug of flavoured tea, or welcoming people in from the rain as they make a stop on the way to their destination – you get to meet lots of interesting people. However, we also know that some days can be hard, and when the unexpected happens, it can be overwhelming. What follows are hazards you must be aware of, so that you can put steps in place to not only prevent them, but protect your business should they occur.

Burns & Cuts

Burns from hot coffee and teas are one of the most common cafe and coffee shop risks. For customers, this risk may present itself where the drink served is ‘’too hot’’, or the cup’s lid is not fastened properly. Should customers spill their tea or coffee over themselves and suffer injury, they may seek compensation.

Team members may also suffer burns while using coffee- and tea-making equipment, or from the liquid itself. Incorrect equipment settings and defective electrical wiring could heat drinks to an unsafe level. Similarly, if you serve sandwiches, staff could hurt themselves during the preparation stages – for example through using sharp knives. Food safety practices should be enforced, aiding the health and well-being of everyone within your premises, at any given time.

Repetitive Motions & Repetitive Strain Injury

Sports injuries are not just for participants it seems. Lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, are two conditions that cause discomfort, pain and inflammation to the tendons connected to the elbow. In both conditions, they are caused by repetitive motions that put strain on the arm. Considering how many cups of coffee and tea your team make in a day – using the same equipment continuously, lifting jugs of milk, grinding coffee beans, making cakes and pastries for example – it’s not uncommon for baristas to suffer from these injuries, leading them to claim for compensation.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Kitchens and dining areas are often the sites of numerous slips, trips and falls, which may be caused by:

  • Floor contamination, including liquid, sauces, oil, eggs and flour spillages.
  • Wet floors during cleaning periods.
  • Obstructions in walkways, due to boxes, crates and cleaning equipment.
  • Loose flooring, or that which is uneven or worn.

With your staff constantly on their feet, preventing such risks is of the utmost importance. Ensuring you take extra care while cleaning and carrying out regular health and safety reviews to find areas that could do with some TLC is always a good idea.

Inventory Damage

Natural disasters can do a number on your ingredients, leaving you with little left to serve. Power outages are no fun either, resulting in spoils and losses – especially if the stock needed to be kept refrigerated or frozen. With the number of power outages increasing yearly, this is something that must be prepared for. Would your business be able to continue should it suffer a massive stock loss?

Why You Need Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance

Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus can cover your business from stock damage and theft, as well as product, public and employers’ liability. These threats can be detrimental to the future of your cafe or coffee shop if they aren’t suitably prepared for with the correct insurance policy.

Why choose Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus?

  • In a single policy, we can cover you against personal accidents, acts of terrorism, business interruptions, loss of money and portable equipment, as well as provide protection for fixtures, fittings, stock, contents and the premises itself.
  • With your ingredients, equipment, crockery and cutlery being fundamental to your operation, Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance can cover their costs, allowing you to replace them as swiftly as possible.
  • Injuries at your business can and do happen, whether it is a member of staff or a customer. Instead of having to fork out thousands of pounds for solicitors, court cases and compensation, your insurance covers it, minimising the impact on your financials.
  • It shows commitment to, and care for, your customers, staff and members of the public, as well as providing you with personal protection should your business’s policy include personal accident cover, or you’ve purchased personal accident cover separately.
  • When times get tough and you need to make a claim, you’ll have a team of cafe and coffee shop insurance experts with you every step of the way, helping you to restore normality as soon as possible.

And, ultimately, you should choose The Insurance Octopus because our knowledge ensures you only pay for the cover you need, keeping our cafe quotes and coffee shop quotes competitive, and allows us to cater to your needs as effectively as possible.

  • The Range Of Cafes & Coffee Shops We Cover

    Just as a change in ingredient can bring a whole new flavour to a cake, pastry or pie, we know that a change in decor, menu offering and staff can make all of the difference in the experience that you’re trying to create. No two cafes or coffee shops are ever the same, and therefore, we feel their business insurance policies shouldn’t be either. We cover a wide range of cafes and coffee shops, which include:

    • Themed Coffee Shops.
    • Parisian Cafes.
    • Tearooms.
    • Sandwich Shops.
    • Internet Cafes.
    • Roadside Cafes.
    • Bistros.

    Have a slice of our insurance pie, and discover what keeps our clients coming back for more by contacting us on 0161 968 2060. We can also provide you with cafe insurance quotes and coffee shop quotes, so you’ve nothing to lose.

  • Our Cover

    Our industry insight and dedication to the insurance industry has laid the foundation for our status as a trusted, dependable and highly-reputable insurance broker. Building up and maintaining strong relationships with a variety of top-rated UK insurers allows us to negotiate prices and policies on your behalf. So whether you’re in need of coffee shop insurance, cafe insurance, internet cafe insurance, sandwich shop insurance or tearoom insurance, roadside cafe insurance or bistro insurance, we can find the right insurance policy for you.

    To be the best, you have to hire the best, and this is where our dedication to customer service lies. Our insurance team don’t just have the technical expertise – they are friendly, professional and are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. With an in-depth understanding of the cafe insurance and coffee shop business insurance markets, they’ll provide you with a quote you can trust.

    In a single policy, our Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance could cover a variety of the following:

    Public Liability Insurance

    As a cafe or coffee shop owner, you know that the lifeline of your business is your clientele, and that you have responsibility for every visitor and customer that walks through your doors. Coffee shop and cafe public liability insurance keeps you covered should a member of the public be injured, or you’re subject to claims such as:

    • Damage to personal belongings.
    • Accidental injury while on your premises, or due to food and products you’ve sold.
    • Costs of medical treatment and transportation costs incurred by the NHS should they claim this from your cafe or coffee shop.

    Our standard levels are cover are available from £1m to £5m, with additional levels of cover available upon request, subject to your policy’s terms and conditions.

    Product Liability Insurance

    You may be famous for your Victoria sponges, your creamy scones and your delectable sandwiches, but you don’t want them to be infamous for causing food poisoning. Similarly, if you’ve diversified, and sell homemade snacks, tea sets, coffee mugs and CDs – should they fall apart after one usage and cause harm to their owners, then you could be held liable. It doesn’t matter where contamination or damage happened in the supply chain – if you’ve sold a product through your cafe or coffee shop – then you could be held liable. This could include compensation for costly hospital fees and medical costs even if the case is very severe. Therefore, to help protect your business, we strongly recommend taking out a product liability insurance policy.

    Delicious drinks and dishes should be your success, not your downfall.

    Employers’ Liability

    Your health and safety standards define your premises, but so does the level of care you show your staff. When you think about it, you owe a lot to your staff. They help create that friendly ambiance you’re going for. They ensure tables are set neatly and with precision and care, placing delicious meals in front of your clientele, which they make from scratch – a real talent in this industry. They tidy up and ensure a clean and hygienic environment, so that customers feel safe in their surroundings. It’s no wonder therefore that there’s a legal insurance requirement for you to have at least £5 million cover to compensate your staff for any injury they may suffer while working for you – whether that be physical or mental.

    Our cafe and coffee shop employers’ liability comes with £10m as standard, ensuring your staff are and feel protected.

    Stock & Contents Insurance

    If you store fresh ingredients, stock and contents on your business premises, it’s just as vulnerable to theft and damage as your cash and equipment. Similarly, the glasswear, crockery, cutlery and appliances you use – that help customers to enjoy your tasty teas and treats – are imperative to your operation, and could cause a lot of disruption to a proper service. Whether you’re after Stock and/or Contents Insurance, we can ensure your business and personal belongings are kept safe. Giving compensation for things such as refrigeration faults, electricity failures and dishonesty caused by staff members, our Stock & Contents Cover is extensive and comprehensive.

    Under this policy, we can also cover the business equipment used to run your cafe or coffee shop, including point of sale systems, computer systems and necessary machinery such as ovens and microwaves.

    Keep stock of everything you own, and don’t let it disown you.

    Business Interruption Insurance

    There’s nothing more devastating to a business than a fire or flood, and with the added trauma of vandalism, it can seem like there’s nothing you can do if faced with these situations. Luckily, that’s not true, and with business interruption insurance as part of your cafe insurance or coffee shop insurance policy, you’re covered against: loss of income; loss of gross profit; costs and expenses incurred by you to minimise the reduction in gross profit subject to your specific terms and conditions. Our policies can include interruptions caused by water, gas, electricity and internet services, as well as damage to underground cables and earth movement, among other useful facets.

    Don’t let an interruption stop you in your tracks. Ensure you can always get back on track as swiftly as possible with Business Interruption insurance from The Insurance Octopus.

    Business Legal Protection

    For that extra bit of insurance cover, Business Legal Protection covers you against any legal costs brought by or against your cafe or coffee shop, paying for your commercial legal expenses. Whether they’re brought about by customers, staff members or suppliers, our cover, provided by ARAG, will see you right, and lessen the financial burden of litigation.

    Our Legal Expenses Cover Includes:

    • Employment disputes and compensation awards.
    • Legal defence.
    • Property protection.
    • Tax protection.
    • VAT disputes.
    • Contract disputes.

    We also provide all of our clients with a ‘Business Legal Services Online’ portal, where you can download a variety of key legal documents. Further, and to aid employment dispute cases, we also offer a ‘Counselling Helpline’, where we’ll pay for trained counsellors to offer emotional help and support over the phone, should you, or your staff, need it.

    Expenses don’t have to be expensive.

    Loss Of Money

    We understand the negative spiral that follows loss of money – whether you lose £750 or £7500, it’s never easy. How will you pay for new stock? How will you pay suppliers? How will you pay rent on your premises? How will you pay your staff? Figuring all this out can cause so much stress, and unnecessary heartbreak – it wasn’t your fault the money was stolen after all. Loss of Money cover ensures that you’re insured against losses caused by unexpected, violent or forceful means, allowing you to maintain your financial stability, and reducing the impact on your business.

    We can provide cover for: money stolen during business hours; money stolen while in a bank night safe; money stolen while locked in a safe while your shop is closed; money stolen while not in a locked safe while closed; and money stolen while in transit.

    This way money stays within your business, not beyond it.


    Turn on the news these days and you can’t not hear a story about a terrorist act, and these acts of terror have no borders or boundaries. A truly devastating and life-altering experience, it’s one that you should always try your best to prepare for, regardless of the location of your cafe or coffee shop. You don’t have to be situated in a big city to suffer such a critical loss. Even those located in the countryside or off the beaten track can find themselves facing the unimaginable. Therefore, to limit the damage the aftermath may bring, we recommend taking out our ‘Terrorism’ policy to cover any harm to your property and any related losses due to its interruption and interference with the business.

    The only mess you should ever have to clear up is the one in the kitchen.

    Seasonal Increases

    Do you have a range of chocolate-filled cakes you only serve during Easter? How about special cupcakes adorned with cute little reindeers and snowmen when Christmas is just around the corner? Or maybe you like to serve pumpkin-flavoured teas and coffees during Autumn? Whatever makes your cafe or coffee shop unique, it’s likely you order varying quantities of ingredients throughout the year. To ensure you can satisfy every single customer, you need to ensure that you have enough stock to keep them happy, and coming back for more. It’s important to note that if your current policy only covers you for a specified amount of stock at the busiest time of year, then you should cover any increases to protect it in the event of loss, damage or desolation. This cover means that your insurers will uplift your stock sums insured at certain times of year in the event you forget to tell them about the increased stock. Check your policy or ask our consultant for the cover available so we can tailor the policy to your needs.

    Whatever the season, and whatever life throws at you, ensure that you are always ready with The Insurance Octopus.

    Personal Accident Insurance

    A duty of care for your customers is highly commendable, but so is self-care. Your safety is as important to us, as your customers are to you, and therefore, you should consider our Personal Accident Insurance for the ultimate protection. Providing compensation on a agreed scale, for death or bodily injury, it also covers: loss of limbs or sight; permanent total disablement; temporary total disablement; temporary partial disablement.

    Personal Accident insurance for coffee shop owners and cafe managers will pay your business a weekly sum of money if you are unable to work following an accident. This can help pay for temporary staff to cover you while you’re resting, or provide current employees with overtime.

    Helping to cover the cost of medical expenses too, your recovery will be a lot less stressful. This allows you to focus on getting better, rather than getting expensive bills.

    Cafe & Coffee Shop Premises Insurance

    Where would you be without the building or room in which you operate? With so much time spent decorating it, creating tasty treats within it and ensuring customers are having a good time, it can be easy to forget that without that physical space, a lot of this would not be possible. Cafe & Coffee Shop Premises Insurance covers the building you run your business from, should you ever need to claim for damage. Storms, fires, floods and earthquakes are covered, as are acts of vandalism. Shop Premises Insurance will also pay for the cost of rebuilding your cafe or coffee shop.

    The only soggy biscuits should be those that customers dunk in their tea, not those that float around after a flood.

    Portable Equipment

    Coffee makers. Kettles. Coffee grinders. Blenders. Decanters. Ice tea brewers. Countertop ovens. Timers. Condiment organisers. Your list of portable equipment is likely endless, but that doesn’t make any of it unimportant, or unnecessary for your success. Along with business items such as laptops and mobile phones, there’s a lot of important portable equipment onsite, and that you take with you offsite. Whether there’s an accidental breakage, or your portable equipment is stolen, we can provide cover for everything on your list, providing compensation or replacements should you need it. So whether you’re concerned about how you’d operate without your Espresso machine, coffee brewer, undercounter refrigerator, underbar sink or even your coffee mugs and tea cups, with our Portable Equipment insurance, you’ll always have the tools you need to make your food and drink as wonderful as possible.

    Especially if you present your creations at trade shows, this portable equipment insurance can be invaluable.

    Fixtures & Fittings

    Your tasty cakes encourage repeat business, but it’s your decor that encourages customers to pop into your cafe or coffee shop in the first place, and makes them feel welcome and content. Whether your walls are adorned with stylish imagery that evoke a theme, or shelving units that showcase ornaments that mean the world to you, you shouldn’t have to pay out for any damage done to them. And what about the glassware that presents your best selling cakes to your customers as they pass by your cafe or coffee shop, or as they wait in line to pay for their chosen treat? Our Fixtures & Fittings insurance covers loss of, and damage to all of this, as well as any structures you may have built yourself.

    This way, your premises can stay as elegant as the toppings on your cakes.

    Cafe & Coffee Shop Theft

    We always like to think the best of the people working for us, but unfortunately, sometimes even the best can surprise us. Employee Theft can protect you against loss or damage to money, property or contents due to the actions of your staff – even if you can’t determine who stole from you. Whether a team member lies on your inventory records, steals equipment or increases their salary without your approval, with our cover, you’ll be compensated for their theft.

    Your staff may not always have your back, but we have you covered.

  • How We Find The Right Cover For Your Business

    Here at The Insurance Octopus, we want to make finding insurance as easy as drinking a cup of coffee, so we make it a piece of cake. Instead of making you wade through a confusing range of options, or quotes that include cover that you just don’t need, we listen to your business insurance requirements, and provide you with a range of quotes and options that will keep you covered. Taking the time to get to know you, and understand your cafe or coffee shop, we will guide you through the most suitable options, providing you with complete peace of mind.

    • To find your cafe insurance or coffee shop insurance quote, please click here. This handy application form asks for information such as your name, business’s name, telephone number and email address, as well as your annual turnover, how many years you’ve been trading, number of employees and the level of product and public liability that you require. We’ll also consider if you require stock cover, contents cover and if you’d had to make any claims in the last 3 years.
    • Following form completion, our expert insurance team will go through it with a fine tooth comb, and then arrange a call with you to learn more about your cafe and coffee shop business needs. We’ll go through a range of policies, ensuring clarification on all of them.
    • When we’ve taken you through our range of options, and you’ve chosen the cafe insurance or coffee shop insurance policy that’s right for you, we’ll process all of your information, and cover can start immediately, if necessary. You’ll receive your policy documents via email, but we can also send you a copy in the post if you’d like one for your records.
    • Should you wish to renew your policy, and when it comes time to, we’ll contact you via email and letter 1 month before your insurance policy is due to end. If you would like to change or update your policy, do let us know, and we’ll sort this out for you before the renewal period begins.

    Finding the right cafe and coffee shop quotes doesn’t have to be a struggle. We make it extremely easy, so regardless of whether you’re looking for coffee shop insurance, cafe insurance, internet cafe insurance, sandwich shop insurance or tearoom insurance, with The Insurance Octopus, you’ll receive a range of competitive insurance quotes. To find out more, please get in touch with us for your free no-obligation quote today.

  • How To Make A Claim

    We understand the stress and upset that can come with needing to make a claim, and therefore, we have a strong sense of responsibility to our clients. We know you need a supportive ear and guidance that will help make things right again. Whether you’re claiming for damages to your premises, loss of money, stock and/or equipment, business interruption or due to injury, we’ll help you through it all, and make it as easy as pie.

    If you ever need to claim, please follow these instructions:

    Report the event to your insurer using the claims number provided. If something more serious has happened, such as theft or malicious damage, then please contact the police first.

    Next, check your insurance policy and ensure that you’re covered for what has happened.

    When describing the event to your insurer, ensure you have your policy document, receipts for anything stolen or damaged and any information that you feel will help explain your case, and speed up the whole process.

    If your claim is ineffective, or if any issues arise, please contact our team on 0161 968 2030 to see if we can help. We have, in the past, successfully overturned decisions, but please note that we can’t make any promises.

    Should your claim be successful, your insurer will then process the claim, and you’ll receive compensation within a couple of days of the claim being settled.

  • The Benefits Of Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance

    Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus is there to cover your coffee shop, cafe, internet cafe, sandwich shop, tearoom or bistro from a whole host of risks, including personal accidents, business interruption and theft, as well as product liability, public liability and employers’ liability. Providing cover for your stock, ingredients, tools and equipment too, Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance can get you back on the track should the worst happen. Minimising losses to your business and securing its operation – both now and in the future – insurance from The Insurance Octopus can protect you, your staff and your establishment from expensive claims and lengthy legal battles. We know finding a cafe business insurance policy, or a coffee shop insurance quote, can be a stressful experience, but that’s where we differ. We have a top-rated panel of insurers who can offer guidance on what you, as a business owner, should consider when selecting a level of cover. Here at The Insurance Octopus, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for protection you clearly don’t need, and with us, you’ll never have to.

    So whether you own the hottest coffee bar in town or your tearoom is grounded in history and intrigue, we encourage you to strengthen your business with an insurance policy that keeps you covered.

  • Why Choose The Octopus Insurance

    Your needs come first. Based on your business’s requirements, we’ll create a range of bespoke insurance policies which you can choose from. Our cover is designed for ease of additions, removals, increases and decreases, ensuring you always have the cover you need, in a fraction of the time.

    We’re an independent commercial insurance broker, giving us the freedom to work with many insurers and underwriters. In fact, we have a panel of over 25 UK insurance partners that we work with, ensuring that we can provide coffee shop owners and cafe managers with a fantastic range of insurance quotes.

    With values of openness and honesty, we provide clarity over what can be confusing terms and processes. We also offer flexible payment methods, and there are never any mid term adjustment fees or hidden fees within your coffee shop policy or cafe policy. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, and why you’re paying for it, too.

    Because unexpected events can be stressful, we keep the claims process simple. We only work with insurers that can aid your plight, so that any insured incident isn’t an incident for long.

  • Case Studies

    Examples of Cafe Insurance & Coffee Shop Insurance in action

    An allergic reaction

    A cafe faced a legal bill running into thousands of pounds after a diner with an allergy to peanuts suffered from anaphylactic shock after eating a meal containing the ingredient that had not been properly marked on the menu. The Product Liability insurance that the restaurant had in place was able to cover the costs of court representation and other parts of the legal process that could otherwise have ruined the restaurants finances.

    Counting the beans

    Following a middle of the night break-in, the owner discovers the thieves haven’t just made off with the cash in the till – they’ve also robbed 50 large bags of rare roasted coffee beans, which have a value of over £5,000. The owner of the store had cleverly chosen to take out comprehensive insurance on his coffee shop, including contents and stock cover. This mean his beans will be replaced with the shop only needing to pay a small excess, and his coffee can continue to be as good as ever.

  • New To Cafe & Coffee Shops? How To Ensure A Smooth Opening

    There’s nothing more exciting than opening your own cafe or coffee shop business – especially one that will see new people come through its doors every single day. But getting people through the doors in the first place can be a tough endeavour, and therefore, we offer some tips on how to do just that, and ensure a successful opening.

    It’s What’s On The Outside Too

    Your floor plan and decor are important, but as you’ve been building and bedecking your new cafe or coffee shop, potential customers have been passing by, and wondering what’s to come. The outside of your business is extremely important as it attracts customers in the first place, and draws them in. From landscaping and signage through to displaying your favourite cakes and pastries in the window, these are all things you can do to add that extra special something, and grab attention.

    Get Your Name Out There

    On your opening day, you want there to be buzz and excitement surrounding your cafe or coffee shop, and to create this, you should start marketing a couple of months beforehand.

    You could:

    • Drop off free coffee and cakes to local businesses and invite them to the opening day.
    • Create social media accounts and promote all of the delicious treats to come.
    • Send out vouchers for a free drink and encourage the neighbourhood to get to know each-other better over it.
    • Advertise in local newsletters, on bulletin boards and at local council meetings.
    • Create an online presence with a website that highlights your community spirit, your menu and the plans you have for this future great
    • Contact coffee and food blogs and Instagram accounts and ask if they’d be willing to promote your business. Inviting them in for an interview, or to sample your menu are good ways to go about this.

    Taste Of The City

    And the best way to ensure a smooth opening? Get people raving about your menu. Offer free samples in the streets, at local trade shows and events, and at charity events where you donate your time, money and treats. It’s all about good will and community spirit after all.

    And of course, ensuring you have the right insurance policy in place can’t harm either.

Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance FAQs

  • What should I do if my circumstances change during the period of insurance?

    Should you need to cover additional stock, new equipment or another circumstance changes that doesn’t currently feature on your policy, then please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check this with your insurers. Omitting key facts could mean the difference between receiving compensation and not, so ensure that you update us whenever a business update happens. If you’re ever unsure, speaking to a member of our customer services team can help, and you can reach them on 0161 968 2030.

  • How do I make a cafe/coffee shop insurance claim?

    We understand that making an insurance claim needs to be as easy as possible, and therefore, we aim to make it as such. We always recommend reporting the incident to your insurer first using the helpline and claims number provided in your policy document, and following their beneficial instructions. Should you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll do everything we can to help. Your insurer will then process the claim as quickly as possible, and you’ll receive the compensation in due time.

  • Why do I need insurance for my cafe or coffee shop?

    From stock damage, equipment theft and public liability through to seasonal increases, personal accident insurance and business interruption, there are lots of factors that you, as a coffee shop owner or cafe manager, need to consider when it comes to your successful operation. Ensuring your team’s and customers’ safety is of the utmost importance – as is ensuring you could cope should the worst happen. You may be a genius in the kitchen, but no amount of genius will protect you from the unexpected. With Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus, you can keep those coffees pouring for as long as possible, and protect yourself from liabilities.

  • What kinds of establishments are covered under your cafe and coffee shop insurance?

    We protect a variety of cafes and coffee shops here at The Insurance Octopus, providing cafe insurance, coffee shop insurance, tearoom insurance, sandwich shop insurance, internet cafe insurance, roadside cafe, bistro insurance and coffee van insurance.

    Should your cafe business be of another type, please contact us on 0161 968 2060 today and we’ll answer any questions you have about our policies, and provide you with a range of relevant quotes.

  • In a single cafe or coffee shop insurance policy, what could be included?

    Every business is different, which is why we offer bespoke policies and quotes for each and every one of them. In a single policy, yours could include: Public Liability; Product Liability; Employers’ Liability; Stock & Contents Insurance; Business Interruption; Business Legal Protection; Loss Of Money; Terrorism; Seasonal Increases; Personal Accident Insurance; Cafe & Coffee Shop Premises Insurance; Portable Equipment; Fixtures & Fittings; Cafe & Coffee Shop Theft.

Get In Touch

Have your cake and eat it too with The Insurance Octopus. If you’re in need of Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance, please contact us today on 0161 968 2060 and our team will be happy to help.

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The top 10 Cyber Insurance claim types

Cyber insurance claims are becoming more and more common with each passing year. As business grows more depend...

How much does cyber insurance cost?

Cyber insurance, which covers your business against the effects of a serious cyber incident, is not an “off ...

Get to grips with Under-insurance & The Insurance Act

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